How Much Does Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost? Here’s Our Answer.

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What an exciting time in your life – It’s one of the few days that is all about YOU! As part of your wedding vendor team, it is our goal to take the stress out of your beauty regimen on one of the most important days of your life. We do this by creating timeless, long-lasting, photo-ready looks unique to every bride!  

At MM Beauty, we are licensed, certified and experienced beauty stylists who have worked on a myriad of brides. We are constantly updating our knowledge with continued educational classes in makeup and hair, so our brides get the most up to date techniques and products out there! Beauty is our ultimate passion, and we take great pride in making sure our brides feel and look amazing on their wedding day!  

Our MM Beauty team can accommodate any wedding group size – big or small. We want to create a joyful, relaxing experience for you on your wedding day. We like to have fun but can help you keep your day on track as well. It’s your wedding day. Everything must be perfect. A hair out of place or smeared eyeliner could be disastrous. DIY is too risky. You need a professional to ensure you look your best.  

I am sure you are wondering, how much does wedding hair and makeup cost? We’ll tell you everything you need to know.  

How Much Does Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost at MM Beauty in the Sacramento CA area? 

Let’s explore our different options: 

Bride Only Deluxe Package
Luxury Bridal Package
Elopement Bridal Package 

We will also answer: 

Common Questions and Answers Regarding Wedding Hair & Makeup

Let’s get started! 

Bride Only Deluxe Package for Wedding Hair and Makeup in Sacramento, CA Area

No attendants? No problem! Enjoy the luxury of your own personal beauty team. No rushing, just our full attention on your big day! This a full service for the Bride’s Hair & Makeup on location and includes our Bridal Skin Ritual Treatment to help prepare your skin for a flawless makeup application. 

In this blog, we will discuss the different bridal hair and makeup packages we offer, with a link to the most current prices.  


  • A Bridal Skin Ritual Treatment ($350 value) 
  • The expertise, time, and full attention of your personal artist as well as their use of professional and luxury beauty products and tools for your ideal hair and makeup look. 
  • Day of Makeup Onsite (includes lashes)  
  • Day of Hair Styling Onsite Travel, up to 2 hours included, parking, any necessary tolls 
  • Touch ups for up to 2 hours after main applications OR 2 additional onsite hair/makeup services 

On average this package costs $1600. You can see the most current cost of this Bridal Deluxe Package here. 

Luxury Bridal Package for Wedding Hair and Makeup in Sacramento CA Area

This luxury full day service includes a Bridal Skin Ritual Treatment, Bridal Hair & Makeup, in-studio Hair & Makeup Trial Session ahead of time, local travel for up to 2 locations, and allows your artist to be with you throughout your wedding day!  

It’s an excellent choice for the warmer summer months, when doing a “first look”, or if you’re wanting to adjust your glam for your reception. Your artist will stay with you for up to 5 hours after your main application to make sure each moment is picture perfect and assist you in any way needed! They’ll be with you to catch every tear of joy, smudged kiss and hug so you won’t have to worry about a thing. 


  • A Bridal Skin Ritual Treatment ($350 value) 
  • Day of Makeup Onsite (includes lashes and airbrush) 
  • Day of Hair Styling Onsite (with a style change if needed) 
  • In-Studio Hair and Makeup Preview 
  • Day of Personal Assistance & Styling 
  • Travel up to 2 location Travel, up to 2 hours included, parking, and any necessary tolls. (Hotel may be required and extra)  
  • Touch ups for up to reception time 

On average our Luxury Bridal Package costs $2900. You can see the most current cost of this Luxury Bridal Package here. 

Elopement Bridal Package for In-Studio Wedding Hair and Makeup Services in Sacramento CA Area

Brides are able to enjoy this special rate when they receive their makeup services in-studio, Monday through Thursday. Get our same amazing signature services without the minimum on-site booking requirements! Trial sessions and additional bridal party members can be booked at the standard a la carte rates. 


  • Day of Hair & Makeup in Studio (includes lashes and airbrush) 
  • Complimentary touch up kit  
  • Glass of bubbly to relax 

Not looking for a Bridal Package? No problem, we offer a la carte services to meet all your needs and add ad-hoc services for your bridal party. 

On average our Elopment Bridal Package costs $700. You can see the most current cost of our Elopment Bridal Package and A La Carte Services here. 

Common Questions regarding Wedding Hair and Makeup Sessions. 

Q: What type of makeup do you use?  

A: We have many different types of makeup brands, finishes and types to fit all skin types, conditions, shades, sensitivities, allergies and looks. I use a combination of traditional makeup and airbrush makeup for all bridal work on an as needed basis. 

Q: Do I need a hair and/or makeup trial session prior to my wedding day? 

A: In a word, yes. Though trials are not mandatory for your wedding, they are strongly encouraged! This will give us time that isn’t stressful to meet, go over your vision, discuss options, and create the best look for you! 

Q: When should I book my trial? 

A: Your trial or preview session should be done between 3-6 months prior to your wedding day. This way you have an idea of the time frame, look and feel of your wedding, your dress selected, etc. Trials are done Monday – Friday in the studio. 

View all of our most common questions and answers here. 

If you have any questions, concerns or special requests, please reach out! Thank you so much for considering MM Beauty…we look forward to pampering you on your big day! 

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