Who’s working on that summer bod?!  Summer is just around the corner and if you’re like us, you might be pushing yourself a little bit harder this time of year. And while you’re taking care of your body, it’s just important to care for your skin. That’s why we’re sharing some quick skincare tips and tricks – both pre and post workout – to keep your skin hydrated and healthy all summer long.


Cleanse: We recommend working out with makeup-free skin since the combination of sweat, oil, and makeup can clog pores and cause breakouts.

Tone: Toning the skin helps to further cleanse and purify it, sweeping it clean of any lasting debris. A few spritzes of hydrating toner will help to restore moisture balance and soften the skin pre-workout.

Moisturize: Look for a lightweight moisturizer, which will hydrate the skin without weighing it down.

Protect: The most important step in any skincare routine? SPF! This is especially important if you’re heading outside for a workout, so you can protect your skin from harmful UV rays that may lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Pro tip? Look for a sweat-proof sunscreen.


Shower: Sweat and bacteria can get trapped in your pores (and not just on your face!) every time you work out. Don’t skip the shower, so you can rinse off sweat, oil, and germs.

Wash Your Face: Time to cleanse your skin again! That aforementioned sweat needs to be thoroughly removed so it won’t cause unsightly breakouts.

Hydrate: Bring a boost of hydration back to your skin after your workout sesh with a serum and moisturizer. Start with a skin-quenching serum then follow with a hydrating moisturizer.

Drink Some Water: Grab a glass of water after your workout to help replenish any lost moisture