10 Skincare Resolutions for 2024

Hello, 2024! Want to get your skin in tip-top shape for the New Year?
Here are some simple tips and tricks to incorporate into your skincare regime.

  •  Prevent sun damage with a daily moisturizing SPF⁠
  •  Drink plenty of water⁠
  •  Invest in facial treatments from your local Esthetician⁠
  •  Treat your lips with a thick hydrating balm⁠
  •  Moisturize your skin both morning and night
  •  Wear a sheet mask or cream masque once a week⁠
  •  Choose a gentle exfoliant to use twice a week⁠
  •  Don’t leave makeup on overnight⁠
  •  Get plenty of sleep⁠
  •  Wash your makeup brushes

⁠Making resolutions is the easy part but sticking to them can be hard! Just remember that maintaining healthy skincare habits throughout the year will create noticeable changes and improvements over time. As always, feel free to reach out to us for expert advice on how to love the skin you’re in!

Happy New Year!